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Self-Check your web Profile on the Heritage Island website

By Heritage Island on  February 05, 2016
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Tell it well - to win more Business

The quality of YOUR OWN PROFILE on the Heritage Island website will make a difference in terms of the business you win. We strongly recommend you critique it. Here's how..

Check List
  • Compare: Look at other TOP profiles and compare. It's what visitors do and then they choose where to visit.
  • Description: Does it perfectly capture your attraction? Could it be stronger? Then strengthen it if it could be better.
  • Photos: It's proven. Good photos sell. Bad photos are not 'neutral' - they UNSELL. Have we your best images, in high resolution? If not, send us your BEST images. Our banners are 1200 x 500 pixels. Fact: Investing in new photos will repay you with more business.
  • Videos / 360 images:  We can feature these. If in YouTube or Vimeo formats, just send us the link. Like photos only send us if they are top quality and help to promote you, not unsell you.
  • Close the information gaps: Opposite is a list of information we want to reflect within your profiles. If these are not within YOUR profile, and should be, email us the information. We are ALWAYS happy to upgrade your profile.
In addition, have you covered ALL these? If not... tell us
  • Your full contact details
  • Opening dates & times
  • Last admission times | Closure dates/times
  • Approx visit duration
  • Admission prices / Tour Prices
  • Age definitions for rates (important!) - what is the age definition of a child (aged a to b)?  What is the definition of a family (composition)?
  • What languages do you cater for and how - paper guides, audio guides, tours?
  • Do you accommodate groups? What is the definition of a group and how do you cater for.
  • What are the coach and car parking arrangements?
  • Do you cater for kids and how?
  • Dining/refreshments. What's on offer?
  • Do you have a gift shop? What's on offer?
  • Are assistance/guide dogs permitted?
  • Do you have baby-changing facilities?
  • Wheelchair access - advise of access and any limitations
  • Do you have free Wi-Fi?
  • Any Special Events?
We want to show you at your very best. You should regularly check your profile and contact us if you require any changes. Typically, these changes will be made within an hour or two.
Download a one-page pdf of our advice here: