Heritage Island May Activity Report

May Activities

By Heritage Island on  June 17, 2016
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Here are just the activities we were involved in during May 2016

Heritage Island Website has moved to High Speed!

We’ve been working closely with our web developers to improve the user experience of our Heritage Island website; in particular improving its loading speed across both desktop and mobile platforms. We know this helps to deliver a higher search ranking, a superior user experience, and better user engagement.

In June we made the greatest breakthrough. Our website load-speed is now faster on both desktop and mobile devices than most major websites including The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, RTE, BBC, CNN, Ireland.com, Discover Ireland, Visit Britain and many more.

We will continue to work to improve it, in terms of speed and content (the latter is where you come in – send us your news, events, images and videos!)

Here’s a €100 Speed-Test Challenge!

Check your own website load-speed using Google speed-check. You can do so via this link - https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

It only takes 60 seconds. If you beat our score for both desktop and mobile, and get a 100/100 mobility ‘usability score’, we’ll put you into a draw for a €100 Butlers Chocolate Gift Card. Our score is 89/100 desktop; 74/100 mobile and 100/100 mobile user experience. If you beat us, email me …. Caroline@HeritageIsland.com before close of business, Thursday, June 30.


Bloom 2016

Dates: June 2 - 6, 2016

Once again we had a super location within the Main Pavilion which was well positioned for visitor exposure. The weather attracted bumper crowds, many of whom ventured from the Floral displays to visit the Main Pavilion.

The stand was well supported by members and we had over 16 members rotating over the 5 day event. The new, fresh graphics looked very well, and we got lots of positive feedback on them. There were also a number of hotels marketing groups represented at the event, but Heritage Island was the only stand promoting visitor attraction and heritage towns exclusively.

A substantial number of the Heritage Island touring guides and DLs were distributed, along with many of the individual members’ brochures also. One attraction has told us that they are already seeing their ‘2 for 1 Bloom offer’ brochures coming through their doors.

A huge thank you to all the members who provided prizes for our Competition Draw, which resulted in a few hundred email additions to our consumer database, which will be invaluable for keeping in touch with these prospective visitors.

We asked members who participated on our stand at Bloom 2016 what they thought of the show, and the general consensus was that it was excellent. We also asked how likely it was that they would participate next year and 90% said they were either 'complete likely' or 'very likely' to participate (the other 10% were 'slightly likely').

We also sought the views of participating members as to how they thought we could make the stand more engaging. We got some good suggestions and will reviewing these for future shows.


Events Follow Up

We have been following up on the contacts made at Meitheal in Dublin and Meet the Buyer in Belfast, and we are continuing to see orders coming through to us from overseas operators ordering our touring guides and discount passes for their FIT clients.

Please let us know if you notice any increases in the number of these passes showing up at your admissions. We are working with more tour operators than before, especially with our personalised discount pass pdfs, which operators love to use as a ‘value add’ for their clients.


Summer E-zine Issued

We produced a ‘Summer Days’ consumer E-zine which was sent to our database. You can see it here.


A New Events Profiling and Events Ticketing System to add to your website, that you REALLY should check out (even if you have your own day-visit) ticketing system.

Our partner company Top Attractions Ireland have produced a new events profiling and ticketing solution, that is really special… and so special that we advised them that we would bring in to the attention of our members.

If you stage or host events at your attraction, or want to win new events, you should check it out. It’s called 'Eventicas'. It's FREE; it requires no technology changes to your website; it can align to your website and brand; it's content-managed free; it allows you present and profile ALL events at your venue - whether free or pay-in - and it allows you link to more than one ticket booking engine, including Top Attractions Ireland which seamlessly integrates with it. It also has a whole range of in-built features that makes it a wonderful add-on for events, even if you have your own day-visit ticketing system. It can also help you win new events, by offering organisers an end-to-end service.

It works for events at your own venue, but the mapping system behind it also means you can use it to events that you are connected with off-venue. It also is a great solution for Heritage Towns.

They say that if it's too good to be true, then it probably is. Not in this case! You can see it in action on the Christ Church Cathedral website. See www.ChristChurchCathedral.ie and click on ‘Events’.  You can have the same system, FREE.  Check it out and if you want more details, email John.Leonard@TopAttractionsIreland.com or let us know.

Keelings Fruit Summer Promotion

Everything is confirmed and the packs will be in-store very soon. Look out for Heritage Island co-branded blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries. This is what the stickers and cards look like.


We continued to add content and features to our New Heritage Island Website – and always welcome content!

We continue to build content on our new Heritage Island website – adding YOUR information and news as we get it, along with consumer and travel trade news and tour suggestions. We depend on you feeding in the information which also finds its way into our regular trade, media and consumer newsletters.


We've been adding your Summer Events to our Website

We've been adding summer events to the Events Calendar as we get them. We are keen to get in more events, particularly your summer news / events programme.


Plans for 2017 – Celebrating 25 Years of Promoting Ireland’s Premier Heritage Attractions

We are still working on ideas and on shaping plans for 2017 – which is a special year for us. We’ll be 25 years in existence, promoting Ireland's Premier Attractions! We are using the opportunity to challenge ourselves to deliver some new initiatives to win more business for our members. We’ll share them soon. If you have any great ideas you think we should consider, please let us know.