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By Heritage Island on  February 05, 2016
Tags - Consumer

A sample of how we are profiling events 

The new Heritage Island website has an ‘Events Calendar’ that allows the travel trade and consumers easily see events at our member attractions. They can search by month, by county/city or by seasonal theme. Remaining themes for 2016 are Halloween 2016, Christmas 2016 and ‘Year 2017’.

We cannot feature ALL your events, but can feature your TOP PRIORITY events. You can submit any major Events – against THESE 2 Criteria:

  • You can email a maximum of 3 TOP PRIORITY events for 2016, including any Christmas events. You will only benefit if you send us details well in advance of the event, as we target overseas visitors.

  • The events must be your PRIORITY events. 

What to Do Now?

Send in your Events NOW, particularly your Christmas Events: You don’t need to fill in any forms, you can simply email your event details to John@Accolades.ie. You just need to:

  1. Name the event(s)
  2. Give the dates
  3. Name the location(s)
  4. Give a concise description (60 words or less, no more!)
  5. Give the website address where trade/consumers can get more information. If there is a deep-link to the precise web page it features on, please include the link.
  6. Important: We also need a good quality image, that we can use or crop, to present in a square format
You can see how the events are presenting on our website HERE.
You can download a one-page PDF of our Advice on Submitting our Events Here.