An Absolutely Amazing Photo of Navan Fort

See an absolutely amazing photo of Navan Fort, Armagh

By Heritage Island on  April 29, 2016

An Absolutely Amazing Photo of Navan Fort - only surpassed by a visit...

If you would like to see an absolutely amazing image of The Navan Centre and Fort, Armagh, visit the homepage of the attraction's website at

The Navan Centre and Fort is one of the first venues in Ireland to use amazing cinemagraph photography. This literally allows the images of the Centre to come to life!

The technique is already popular in the States, but as one of the first users in Ireland this allows Navan to give customers a taster of the amazing visitor experience at the Centre.

A highlight of the Centre is a visit to the Iron Age dwelling where visitors meet characters who bring the Celtic era to life through weaving, cooking, pottery, weaponry and much more. 

Cinemagraph allows them to give potential customers a sneak peak of the Iron Age dwelling before their visit but, brilliant and all as the image is, there is no substitute for the real thing. We recommend you visit.. 

Remember - you can view the 3D animated image on the homepage at